Antalya is a city on the south coast of Turkey. Thanks to its beaches and mild Mediterranean climate, Antalya has become one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations. From April to October, tourists from all over Europe, Russia and the Far East fly to this Turkish city. They come here not to stay in a holiday resort for days, but to enjoy the history and culture of Antalya.

Everyone who spends a holiday in Antalya and barely leaves their hotel, in our opinion, has committed a deadly sin. Because Antalya has become a metropolis with a population of more than one million on the one hand, and a lively and entertaining city on the other. It's actually so much fun that it's worth booking a city trip to Antalya. This is almost entirely due to the historical center of Antalya. This part of the city is now only a small part of the entire city. However, this is the place to do it. Those who want to shop seriously should be in the new city. Nice shops, bars and restaurants are mainly located in the old town. You will also find many beautiful boutique hotels here.

The holiday season for Antalya starts with the May holiday. The season lasts until mid-October. Most of the holidays are based on the all-inclusive formula. Fortunately, that's not a necessity these days. There are many good hotels in Antalya where you can spend the night on a bed, breakfast or half board basis.

Hotels in the Region

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